This week’s Bikes for Kids winner is Ava Martin from Mt. Pleasant. Ava is 7 years old, turning 8 this weekend, Happy Birthday Ava! She will be in the 2nd grade this fall at Ganiard Elementary. Ava was nominated by her mother, Jenny Martin, for her dedication to helping domesticated, train, and ultimately help to adopt farel cats in her neighborhood. Along with Ava’s neighbor, Joelle, they have rescued over 20 cats since beginning their mission in 2020. Ava helps to spot the cats, feed them, and socialize them, so that one day they can find a loving home of their own. Ava is always very eager to help and has been very successful in taming cats that have had limited contact with people. We here at Barberi Law can’t think of a more deserving child of a new bike! Keep up the great work Ava!

If you are interested in the kittens show in the photo above, they are available for adoption and will be heading to the Karma Kat Cafe soon! Please contact us for more information! We love to see these sweet kittens Ava has raised to find their forever home!

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