Whether considering your own future or that of an elderly loved one, it is never easy to think about long-term care and what will happen after someone is gone. However, when you don’t plan for these inevitable life events, people can suffer and assets can be squandered—all unnecessarily. When you take the time to put a well-thought-out plan into place by working with an experienced elder law attorney, you can avoid some of these problems and give yourself the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are prepared for whatever may come. And best of all, you can take care of these important tasks right here in Central Michigan with a law firm that will treat you like family.

How Barberi Law Can Help

At Barberi Law, we have attorneys who are experienced in the specialty practice area of elder law. This is an interdisciplinary field that addresses the needs of seniors, the disabled, and those concerned with end-of-life planning at any stage of their lives. We typically work with clients on issues related to finances, health care, and asset distribution. Our skilled elder law attorneys in our Mt. Pleasant office have the experience and resources necessary to fully address all of your questions related to elder law issues. We will help you understand how the following may apply to you:

  • Medicaid planning. Along with Medicare, Medicaid is a program that can help the elderly pay for quality long-term care. To meet the financial requirements imposed by the government, however, it may be necessary to restructure your assets in a way that complies with the rules of the Medicaid program. Our attorneys will investigate this option for you.
  • Planning for incapacity. Our elder law attorneys will help you determine what type of care you want to receive and how you want your finances and assets to be managed should you become incapacitated due to illness, degenerative diseases, advanced age, traumatic accidents, or any other causes.
  • Asset protection. We have decades of experience guiding clients through even the most challenging estate planning matters, whether you have a million-dollar retirement account or are struggling to figure out how you are going to get by. We can help with wills and various kinds of trusts.
  • Guardianship. Should you become mentally or physically incapacitated, you will need a legal guardian. A guardian will have the legal right to make decisions regarding healthcare, living arrangements, and finances. Our elder law team can help you choose a trustworthy guardian who will have your best interests in mind if you are unable to make decisions for yourself.
  • Powers of attorney. Our elder law attorneys will carefully examine your finances and your unique situation and tailor a power of attorney document to specifically meet your needs, including gifting authority, the power to create trusts, and when the document becomes effective.
  • Advance directives and living wills. If you have strong feelings about how decisions will be made on your behalf about end-of-life care, you may want to work with us to create an advance directive or living will. This document will direct doctors, lawyers, spiritual leaders, and family members as to your wishes when you are unable to make them known.

This is just a sampling of what we can do for you to prepare you for the years to come. When you meet with our elder law team, we will assess your needs and help you choose the plans and services you will need to protect yourself and your assets as you age.

We Are Like Family

We see far too many situations where well-meaning people thought they were prepared for retirement, illness, long-term care, or their own passing because they got advice from a friend or downloaded a form from the internet. We hate to see elderly people and their loved ones suffer because of this. When you meet with our team right here in Mt. Pleasant or Midland, you will feel like you’re getting advice from family. We will make sure your wishes are made known and that your assets are protected as you age. Call to talk to us about our elder law services today. We are here to help! 

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