If you or someone you care about has been accused of domestic violence, our criminal defense attorneys are here for you.

At the law firm of Barberi Law, we believe that success is most likely to occur when one of our criminal defense attorneys gets involved as soon as possible. We will quickly sort through all of the details. Our goal is to understand your case as thoroughly as possible and to prevent damage to your reputation, your family, or your future. We have never lost a jury trial where our client was accused of domestic violence. If your case has to be tried before a jury, we are the law firm you need.

Our law firm stands up for the rights of people accused of domestic violence in Mount Pleasant and throughout Central and Northern Michigan. We also serve the unique needs of students at Central Michigan University and represent Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribal members in Tribal Court.

If you are convicted, there will be no notation on your record to explain what happened. This can be difficult to explain to potential employers when they see such a conviction on a person’s record. Even worse, a conviction for a first offense can lead to jail time. Michigan law requires judges to consider any history of domestic violence when making child custody decisions. Even if the alleged victim doesn’t want to press charges, you can still be charged and prosecuted for domestic violence. The stakes for you are high.

We know how to protect you. We will act quickly to gather evidence, take photos, talk to witnesses, and put together the details that are needed for a strong legal defense. When necessary, we will hire experts and investigators. After we have gathered all of the information, we will work hard to keep your record clean and to avoid the consequences of you having a domestic violence conviction.

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