Core Values

Personalized ApproachPersonalized Approach 

"Every Case We Take, We Take Personally." It's not just a catchy slogan. We really do mean it. Each case is different, each client is different. Our team members do everything possible for our clients. 

Client FocusClient Focus

We are vested in the success of our client's legal matters. We go the extra mile to ensure our clients win thier case or secure a fair and just outcome of the legal matter they have entrusted us with.

Team CollabTeam Collaboration 

Our Team Approach is unique to Barberi Law. We collaborate to give our clients the best advice possible concerning the legal matter that has brought them to our law firm. We all work closely together each day, there are monthly team meetings and quarterly staff meetings so all of us have a chance to collaborate as a group and with our smaller niche teams. At those team meetings every file that is currently being handled by our team is reviewed so all team members are kept up to date on what is going on in a particular case. By involving many minds and different expeirences of our legal team members, our clients obtain a multiplier of input not available at other law firms who only assign one atttorney to work on a clients legal matter. At Barberi Law you have access to our whole legal team.

Strive for ExcellenceStrive for Excellence

At Barberi Law we have developed systems which are in place to ensure that every client at Barberi Law is treated the same way when we respond to the client’s legal needs. You are immediately greeted with a warm welcome, whether that be on the phone or in person. We understand that this is a difficult time for our clients. In your initial meeting with Barberi Law, the attorney listens to your legal problem and develops a plan right there with you so you can feel confident entrusting us with your case before you leave the office. We have prepared excellent handouts and questionnaires dealing with the different practice areas which Barberi Law offers legal services for.

relationshipsLong Lasting Relationships

We let the client know right away that “Barberi Law is here to serve you and help you with your particular legal needs” as that is what brought them to our firm. Once that matter has been successfully completed and our representation has concluded, we want our clients to be lifelong clients of our firm and part of the Barberi Law family. We continue to follow up with clients after the firm’s work has been completed to establish those relationships. We want to let the client know we are interested in them as individuals going forward as we did just help them through what may have been a very difficult time in their life.

IntegrityUpholding Integrity

All team members of Barberi Law are to be honest, trustworthy, respectful and ethical in our actions. To honor our commitments to ourselves and to our clients. We must be held accountable for our actions, successes and even our failures.

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