Whether you are a business owner, own multiple properties or have million-dollar retirement accounts, it is crucial that you discuss asset protection with a knowledgeable elder law attorney. At Barberi Law, our lawyers have decades of combined experience guiding clients through even the most challenging estate planning matters. We have the experience and legal knowledge necessary to answer our clients’ questions, including:

  • Will asset protection help me even though health care costs are rising each year?
  • My friends have mentioned that they feel guilty about sheltering assets from the government. Should I feel guilty?
  • What is spend-down?

Our skilled estate planning attorneys can answer these questions and many more. No matter your situation, we encourage you to contact our office and schedule a consultation with an experienced lawyer.

Two Important Questions Asked & Answered

  • When should I start worrying about protecting my assets?
    Most aspects of estate planning should be considered well in advance of something actually happening. Because it is virtually impossible to predict if or when staying in a nursing home might become a necessity, the most sound advice is to work with a skilled lawyer sooner than later. The earlier you act to protect your assets, the sooner you gain peace of mind.
  • Why do I need an asset protection attorney?
    The documents involved and the depth of legal knowledge necessary make working with a skilled lawyer a necessity. Attorneys we work with can carefully examine your finances and provide valuable advice regarding the best way to protect your assets. Trust our firm for honest answers and a realistic assessment of your needs. We will help advise you regarding current DHHS rules, applicable look-back periods and which assets are countable for Medicaid eligibility purposes.

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