At Barberi Law, our family law attorneys have extensive experience representing individuals through divorce proceedings. Whether your concerns are centered on the division of assets or debts, our attorneys have the expertise necessary to reach a beneficial settlement on your behalf.

When couples consider divorce, numerous questions regarding property division must be addressed, including:

  • The deed to our home has only my wife’s name on it. Is it still a marital asset?
  • Will I be required to liquidate my 401(k) or other retirement plan to split with my spouse?
  • Am I entitled to a part of my spouse’s business?
  • Is my spouse entitled to a portion of my accident settlement if we divorce?

These and many more questions are addressed in a book written by Mr. Barberi. The book, The Divorce Book: What Every Michigan Married Man or Woman Need’s to Know…and 5 Things That Can Sink Your Divorce Case, has been specifically written to answer questions regarding your rights and the legal process. No matter your situation, we encourage you to contact our office. We will mail you Mr. Barberi’s book free of charge, and you can schedule a consultation at our office, if you believe that would be helpful to you.

Common Asset Division Questions

  • How are property and debts divided?
    The court will attempt to divide assets and debts in the most equitable manner. Equitable does not always mean equal, though. Factors such as the length of the marriage, whether the assets were brought into the marriage and the contribution of each party will be carefully examined. We can investigate your finances and provide some direction about the possible obstacles you might face through the process.
  • I received an inheritance while married. Will my inheritance be divided as a marital asset?
    Generally, no. Property that is inherited or received by one spouse as a gift is not typically considered a marital asset unless it is commingled with the other spouse’s assets. If the property was used equally by both parties in the marriage, the court might consider a division. Contact our firm to discuss your specific situation.

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