Choose the Best Kept Secret in Central, Northern and Western Michigan for All of Your Legal Needs

For over 30 years, Barberi Law has proudly offered a full range of legal services to clients in Central, Northern and Western Michigan. As your neighbor in Mt. Pleasant, Midland, and Grand Rapids we offer our clients the personal attention and convenience that cannot be matched by a big Detroit law firm. You’ve seen their ads and know their 1-800 phone numbers, but how well do they know you and your community?

Experience the Barberi Law Difference

When you bring your car accident claim, criminal charge, family law matter, or elder law issue to Barberi Law, you will be assigned a legal team who will devote their full attention to your case. We will respond to your questions and concerns and be available to you in our convenient Mt. Pleasant, Midland or Grand Rapids offices. You will receive top-legal representation right here in mid-Michigan. There is no need to turn to big city lawyers when you need a lawyer for any of the following:

  • Car accident. Other firms may have a bigger TV presence, but they can’t match our experience with local representatives of insurance companies and local courts when fighting for maximum compensation for your injuries and other damages.
  • Divorce and custody. When you hear Barberi Law, you probably think divorce, and for good reason. We get results for our divorce clients and fight for the custody arrangements and financial support you need and deserve.
  • Criminal charges. When facing a criminal charge, you need a lawyer who is familiar with the local judges, prosecutors, and law enforcement officers handling your case. We help you protect your future when you are charged with a crime.
  • Elder law issue. Whether planning for your own end-of-life care or helping an elderly loved one with a legal issue, our legal team handles elder law cases with care and sensitivity.

You’re at the Right Place, Right Here in Cental Michigan

Joseph Barberi has deep roots in the Mt. Pleasant community, and he and his firm are committed to providing high-quality legal representation to their friends and neighbors across Central, Western and Northern Michigan. You don’t have to go to Detroit to get the tenacious, determined attorney you want to fight for your right to a fair settlement following a car accident, to represent you in court for a complicated divorce case or when you have been charged with a crime. Our attorneys have the experience you need to protect you, and they are right in your own backyard. Call today and tell us about your case.