The Michigan Motor Vehicle Accident Book: How to Avoid 7 Critical Insurance Claim Mistakes

Michigan’s no-fault insurance laws are confusing and it’s all too easy to make a mistake that costs you valuable time and money. Whether you have been in an accident yet or not, we highly recommend getting a free copy of our book. Being prepared if an accident happens is the best way to avoid making costly mistakes.

The Secrets We Reveal

This book does more than just tell you what not to do when you are in a car accident. It is actually a comprehensive guide to Michigan auto insurance that will clear up the confusion you have probably felt for years and answer all of your questions. Some topics we cover include the following:

  • What is meant by no-fault insurance
  • What to do immediately after a car accident
  • Injury vs. wrongful death claims
  • Obtaining personal injury protection (PIP) benefits
  • Suing the driver who caused your accident
  • How a local car accident attorney can help
  • Much more!

When you download and read this free e-book, you will learn everything you need to know about managing a car accident claim in Michigan. We don’t hold anything back. After all, you are entitled to understand your rights and we are happy to provide the information.

7 Mistakes to Avoid

How will our free accident guide help you? If nothing else, you will learn about the most common mistakes people make and how to avoid making them. We explain how doing the following can harm your insurance claim:

  1. Talking to an insurance company’s adjuster before you have consulted with a motor vehicle accident attorney.
  2. Discussing your motor vehicle accident on social media sites.
  3. Hiding past accidents from your attorney.
  4. Hiding other injuries.
  5. Going to a medical doctor or chiropractor that your lawyer uses all the time.
  6. Not having accurate tax returns.
  7. Misrepresenting your activity level.

How Barberi Law Can Help

When you request your free copy of our book, you are under no obligation to use our legal services. However, we think you’ll find the information so helpful that you’ll want to talk to us about what else we can do for you. After you have read the book, schedule your free consultation in our Mt. Pleasant or Midland law office. There is no need to go to Detroit for skilled legal representation. Barberi Law is here for you.

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