Child support is money paid by a one parent to another person (usually the other parent) for the support of the minor child. In Michigan, the determination of child support is largely driven by a uniform child support formula. Even with this formula in place, there are exceptions and it is wise to discuss your specific situation with a knowledgeable attorney to ensure accuracy.

At Barberi Law, our attorneys understand that our clients have numerous questions, including:

  • Can a judge order child support payments that are greater than the child support guidelines?
  • Is child support tax deductible?
  • Is the custodial parent responsible for the payment of school activities?

These and many more questions are answered in a book written by Mr. Barberi. The book, The Divorce Book: What Every Michigan Married Man or Woman Needs to Know…and 5 Things That Can Sink Your Divorce Case, has been specifically written to answer questions regarding your rights and the legal process involved in a divorce or custody situation. No matter your situation, we encourage you to contact the legal team at Barberi Law. We will mail you a copy of Mr. Barberi’s book free of charge, and if you choose you can also schedule a consultation with one of our legal team members at our office.

What You Should Know About Child Support

  • Is child support modifiable?
    In short, yes. If conditions in your life have changed that affect the amount of money that you can pay or that you need, you can seek a modification through the court. It is wise to discuss these options with an attorney so the modifications can be made legally. A simple verbal agreement is not binding, and you have no legal recourse if the other party neglects his or her end of the contract. If you have changed jobs or if the child has taken on new extracurricular activities, contact our office to discuss modifications.
  • What factors go into the calculation of child support?
    Several factors are used as the basis of the child support calculation. These factors can include the income of both parties, the cost of medical insurance, the cost of education, the cost of child care, and whether or not the child is considered to have special needs. Contact our office to receive a more comprehensive examination of the child support formula and exceptions that might apply.

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