Burger topped with Avocado

Not only is the avocado a dense source of good fats, vitamins, and antioxidants, it offers protection against a variety of degenerative diseases. We’ve all heard the phrase: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”; Based on new information, perhaps the phrase should be “An avocado a day keeps the doctor away”. In an article published in the Spring 2023 Well-Being Journal, by Green Med Info Research Group, it was pointed out that high-fat avocado is among the most heart friendly foods that can help protect against cardiovascular disease.

A 2012 study conducted at UCLA Center for Human Nutrition compared the effects of eating a plain hamburger vs. a hamburger with a large slice of avocado. Healthy subjects were fed each of these two meals on different occasions. Thereafter, researchers measured the constriction of blood vessels (vasoconstriction) indicating states of high blood pressure. The plain hamburger meal resulted in significant vasoconstriction, demonstrating an unhealthy effect on blood pressure, while the avocado-topped hamburger meal had no effect on blood pressure whatsoever. When researchers analyzed the blood cells, they found two distinct markers for inflammation after the hamburger only meal. These markers were noticeably absent in the blood after the meal that included the avocado. They also found the post-fatty meals triglycerides—high concentrations at which indicate elevated risk of stroke—did not rise in the avocado group despite the additional fat, whereas these markers did increase in the plain hamburger group.

Another study documented that eating avoca-dos could help prevent diabetes. Other studies also conclude positive effects on cancer prevention. Research shows that avocados have therapeutic properties that can help prevent cancer. Specifically, avocados are packed with phytochemicals, biologically active compounds that play a vital role in resisting the early onset stages of cancer.
Additional studies noted that consuming avocados can help prevent and relieve arthritis. Researchers are studying breakthrough treatment options for arthritis. A 1997 review was published in the Efficacy, the safety of the avocado/soy-bean unsaponifiable in the treatment of symptomatic osteoarthritis in the knee and hip. Eating just one avocado per day has been shown to increase macular pigment density (the primary location of lutein in the body that correlates with brain concentration). Meta-analysis has reported that sub-stituting avocados for other foods in the diet results in moderate-to-large reductions of LDL-cholesterol and triglycerides. Ultimately, avocados have been found to be a versatile, nutritious, and delicious addition to our diets.

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