OutliveMy son, Danny Barberi and his wife Ashley, who live in Grand Rapids, recently gifted me a book titled Outlive: The Science and Art of Longevity. Danny works with a company called Interim HealthCare that provides care for those living at home. Many are elderly people who have health-related needs.

In this book, Dr. Attia M.D. discusses the history of the approaches to medical care that have been provided to individuals. Labeling the most recent approach as Medicine 2.0., where doctors treat the symptoms of individuals once they have emerged. Dr. Attia calls for us to begin pursuing medicine 3.0, which works on preventing health issues from developing at all, or at least delaying the onset of the same.

I realize I am not in the same league as Oprah Winfrey when it comes to recommending books. With that said, anyone who cares about living longer (their longevity), while also extending their health span (their physical and cognitive capabilities); this is a must-read book. Dr. Attia’s book is the best book I have ever read about helping people understand why it is so important for each individual to develop their own specific strategy for living a longer and healthier life going forward.

The book details that 80% of human beings die from what he calls the Four Horsemen.

  1. Heart Disease
  2. Cancer
  3. Metabolic Dysfunctions (Diabetes, etc.)
  4. Neurodegenerative Diseases (Dementia, Alzheimer's, etc.)

Dr. Attia stresses that all four of these causes of death can be delayed or eliminated by implementing a strategy early on. Say in a person's 30's or 40's. Do not worry, you can still start doing these things even if you're in your 80s! The most important longevity “drug” according to Dr. Attia is a daily/weekly exercise program. Additionally, getting at least 7 hours of good sleep, which allows our brain cells to regenerate at night, along with eating a protein nutritional diet and addressing any emotional and mental health issues also goes a long way to extending an individual's life as well as their health span.

I strongly believe that anyone who prides themselves on being knowledgeable about medicine and the little things that affect our human lives will be thrilled to read this book. Additionally, Dr. Attia’s book contains hundreds of references to bolster the medical opinions he advances. Good reading to those who care about extending their lives—in a vibrant way—so they can keep playing golf and playing with their grandchildren right up to the moment that they enter the next life.

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