Bikes for Kids is BACK! Our first winner of the summer is Vivian Blandford, age 12, from Alma, MI. Vivian is going into the 7th grade this Fall at Donald L. Pavlik Middle School and is the daughter of Dave and Virginia Blandford. Vivian is a tremendous young lady with a bright future. She is involved with many extracurricular activities, including dance, the highland festival, her community garden, Girls Scouts, Student Council, The Middle School Newspaper, and many other things just to name a few.

Vivian was first nominated by her teacher, Ms. Goffnett, for the Wee Queen of Scotts at the Highland Festival and then for the same accolades by her parents for our Bikes for Kids Program. Vivian is very deserving of a new bike, even with a broken arm, that she seems to be taking with stride. Vivian’s teacher, Ms. Goffnett nominated Vivian for having taken interest in a student with a vision impairment in her class. Her teacher stated that Vivian has been a huge support for this student by helping with organization, explaining math concepts that may be confusing, and making sure the equipment and resources needed are charged and ready to go each day. She wasn’t asked to do this; she saw a need and willingly and enthusiastically filled it. Vivian’s parents explained that she was grateful to have the opportunity to learn more about this specific type of disability and it was making her consider possible career paths she might want to explore. We congratulate Vivian on being such a wonderful role model for others and taking an interest in her fellow classmate! We hope that you continue to follow your dreams Vivian! Congratulations!

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