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Personal Injury Testimonials

“My sister actually got in touch with Joe and Barberi Law. I don’t remember much from that time, except that I knew she had contacted him. It gave me security, knowing someone was there for me. They took care of a lot of stuff, like my lost wages and getting me help through Health Partners. Lori Erskin did a lot for me. She made sure things got paid. She took care of everything, and kept things moving. They did an excellent job for me.”

Vonnie Callison
Vestaburg, Michigan

“I was involved in an auto accident about 3 years ago and continued to have issues with my back and leg. Finally, I decided to do something about. I found Barberi Law firm in the phone book yellow pages and I am glad I did. I made contact with them and they went right to work on it. After a short period of time we settled with the party that hit me and the insurance company. It was a fair settlement. I am very pleased and happy that I found the Barberi Law firm, they are a great law firm and great people to work with. I recommend them highly.”

Alton Ford
Beaverton, Michigan

“My wife and I were involved in an auto accident that wasn’t our fault. When we called Joseph Barberi, our questions were answered. The attorneys at Joseph Barberi’s office were always there when we needed help. The staff made sure that we were kept up-to-date on our case right up until we settled right before trial.”

James and Enola Hoover
Harrison, Michigan

“After our auto accident, we didn’t know where to turn for help. We called Joseph Barberi’s law firm and Mr. Rettig came out to our house. From the beginning, the Joe Barberi team was very professional and friendly. They helped us not just as clients, but they treated us personally and really helped us deal with our injuries. We were very impressed and we would highly recommend them to anyone that needs an attorney.”

Gregory and Patty Bihn
Shepherd, Michigan

“I was walking one day with my daughter-in-law and her dog. I was on the shoulder of the road and a car hit me and I was injured, and at a point in time, I needed to seek an attorney. Mr. Barberi tried to avoid litigation on three occasions with the insurance company. We tried to settle it three different times; they wouldn’t have any part of it. Mr. Barberi did a fabulous job. The jury voted in our favor, which I was very pleased about, of course. Mr. Barberi was very fair in what he asked the jury for. The staff in his office did everything that I know that they could possibly do to help me.”

Marilyn Pratt
After a jury verdict in her favor, she received $175,000 for her shoulder injuries from a hit-and-run settlement

“When we contacted Joe Barberi and asked him to be our attorney, he was always there for us each time we called with a question. Either Mr. Barberi or one of his staff always called us back and answered our questions, which helped keep us up to date on the progress of our case.”

Tom and Tracy Crawford
Mt. Pleasant, Michigan

“When I was injured in an automobile accident, everyone kept telling me I had a soft tissue injury and that the insurance company didn’t like compensating people who had only “soft tissue injuries.” Mr. Barberi worked with me and my treating physician to document for the jury the permanent nature of the damage to my cervical ligaments caused when my van was rear ended by the negligent driver. There were many days when things seemed hopeless causing me to break down in tears throughout my recovery. However, Mr. Barberi was always there to comfort me and assure me that in the end the jury would understand the true extent of my injuries and daily pain. When Mr. Barberi’s predictions rang true and the jury awarded me and my husband $700,000 for my injuries, I thanked God for sending me to Mr. Barberi for legal help.”

Wanita and Darryl Trainor
Mt. Pleasant, Michigan

Criminal Defense Testimonials


“With Barberi Law representing me, they were able to walk me through the legal processes and procedures that I’d have to go through in regards to my case. Dave was able to see me on short notice and was also able to talk to my family members after hours regarding my situation. He scheduled my court hearings and briefs around my work schedule and only required me to be in court when it was absolutely necessary. Dave and Kathy both kept me informed through all of the hearings and briefs. Dave and his colleagues went above and beyond to get all of the specific evidence that was pertinent to my case. His preparation and dedication truly made me believe that every case to them is personal. I would highly recommend Barberi Law to anyone with legal issues. ”

Ann Arbor resident

“It was my birthday and I attended a Ted Nugent concert at the Soaring Eagle Casino. What was supposed to be a great night, turned out to be a nightmare. I was arrested for being drunk and disorderly and charged with, can you believe it, “disturbing the peace” at the Ted Nugent concert. I went to court and told the prosecutor that I thought these charges were ridiculous, but they wouldn’t listen and wanted me to plead guilty. I went to attorney Joe Barberi and took my case to him. Mr. Barberi went back to the assistant prosecutor and tried to convince him that my case should be dropped. He also wouldn’t listen to him. I didn’t know what to do. Mr. Barberi told me that I should never plead guilty to something that I didn’t do, yet I really didn’t want to go to trial and face all of the costs and worry about having a jury trial. Mr. Barberi convinced me that my reputation and future were more important than anything else, and he gave me the confidence and belief that if he took my case to trial, he would not lose. I know Mr. Barberi’s reputation for winning cases, so I made the decision to trust him and take my chances at trial. At the last minute, the assistant prosecutor tried to offer me a deal to “divert my case” and for me to pay an oversight fee, but I would still end up paying the court a lot of money and having to be on a court supervised status for the next six months when I had done nothing wrong.

Again, I told Mr. Barberi I would trust him and take my chances with a jury trial. At my trial, after Mr. Barberi cross-examined the police officer, it was clear to everyone in the courtroom that the police had, as Mr. Barberi stated, “rushed to judgment,” and made all the wrong decisions by arresting me and charging me with these crimes. When Mr. Barberi gave his closing argument to the jury, he advised the jury that by the “speed of their verdict” they needed to send a message to the police and the prosecutor that I never should have been charged and this case should have never been brought before the jury. Thirteen minutes after the jury left the courtroom, they returned “Not Guilty” verdicts on both counts. I can truly say, without hesitation, that anyone who has a criminal justice problem should contact Mr. Barberi and his staff. They did an excellent job of preparing me and my witnesses for trial and Mr. Barberi’s courtroom performance was one that I will never forget. I rate Mr. Barberi and his entire law firm five stars.”

Jason Johnson
Mt. Pleasant, Michigan

“I hired Mr. Barberi’s firm because the reputation for Mr. Barberi’s firm is that they are the best. My attorneys did an amazing job preparing me for trial. Mr. Barberi tried my case in the Saginaw Chippewa Tribal Court before a jury of my Native American peers. When Mr. Barberi was done cross-examining the main witness against me, I knew I was in good hands. The jury deliberated for about a half-hour before returning “Not Guilty” verdicts on all charges against me. Many of the jurors commented afterwards that they were very impressed by my attorney and the job he had done for me. The word out on the street is that most attorneys usually want people to take some sort of deal and plead guilty to a crime, even if the individual doesn’t think they did anything wrong. I got into a bad situation because the police got called and when they showed up, they decided that someone needed to be arrested. That ended up being me, and I did not believe I had done anything wrong. Thank God for Mr. Barberi and his staff – I trusted Mr. Barberi and his law firm to come through for me. I recommend Mr. Barberi and his firm to anyone who has a criminal justice problem. There’s no question that they will fight to get the best result for you, that’s one thing I am sure of.”

David Perez, III
Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe Member
Mt. Pleasant, Michigan

“Recently my husband and I had a consultation with David Barberi. I’ve never had a lawyer be as nice and professional as David was. David took the time to speak with us and didn’t try to hurry us out the door in 15 minutes, like we have had happen to us in the past with other firms. I would highly recommend him to anyone that is in need of a consultation or representation. David, thank you for putting us at ease and taking care of business so promptly. After speaking with David, we now have faith not all lawyers are just about squeezing money out of people. We can’t thank you enough David and we appreciate the job you did. Keep up the good work!

Mandy W.

“At Joseph T. Barberi, P.C., the legal services we received from Attorney Geoffrey Rettig and his legal assistant, Kathy Mayes, were exemplary. From the very beginning of their representation, process and procedure of the court system were explained in detail. Mr. Rettig and Ms. Mayes were always available for questions and kept us apprised of what was happening on an ongoing basis. We were made to feel very comfortable with the representation we received and were very satisfied with the outcome of our case. I would highly recommend this law firm.”

Central Michigan resident

“Both Mr. Rettig and his legal assistant were very helpful in this matter. Thank you so much. I also appreciate everything the team at Joseph T. Barberi, P.C., did for me. I felt that Mr. Rettig drew me into his personal family, and treated me and made decisions about my case as if I were a member of his own family. I do hope that I will never need a criminal attorney again, but if I do, Mr. Rettig would be my first choice.”

Gratiot County resident

“I was recently pulled over for drunk driving in Mt. Pleasant. I had never had any experience with lawyers and knew there were many choices in the area. I hired David Barberi immediately after meeting with him. He was extremely professional and was very easy to get a hold of at any time. He guided me through a very difficult time, and I could not have asked for anything more from him.”

Michael K.

“I was on vacation with my family in Mount Pleasant and made a stupid mistake. I got arrested and charged with driving under the influence of a controlled substance. I spent the next eight hours in jail and had to have my wife and son bail me out.

I had never been in any trouble before and searched for an attorney in the Mount Pleasant area. After reading several testimonials, I decided to hire the Joseph T. Barberi law firm. Geoffrey Rettig and his assistant, Kathy Mayes, immediately put my mind at ease and assured me about my case. They kept in constant contact with me over the next several months while waiting for my blood test results to come back from the state.

Barberi Law was able to negotiate a lesser charge and penalty with the prosecutor, including no further jail time. Having Barberi Law at my side during my court appearance made a difficult situation go very smooth. My attorney was confident, diligent and very professional.

I would definitely recommend Barberi Law to anyone needing legal assistance in the Mount Pleasant area.”

Roseville, Michigan, resident

Divorce Testimonials

“I was able to sit down and talk to Joe like he was a friend, rather than a high-powered lawyer with lots of awards. I really trusted Barberi Law in everything they wanted to do in my case, and it worked out. I like nice people and people you can trust. Everybody Joe has in his office is fantastic. It’s not many times that you find a place like that. I’d tell any of my friends to come to Barberi Law because I know they would treat them like family.”

Steve Wold

“Mr. Barberi believed in me when no one else did. He fought DHS and the others at the courthouse to convince them I should have grandparenting time with my grandchildren. After a long court battle, I was finally able to obtain grandparenting time. I have just recently adopted my grandchildren.”

Gloria Loveland

“There’s an old adage: “You get what you pay for.” Mr. Barberi and his staff guided me through a very difficult time in my life. Thanks to Mr. Barberi’s suggestions, my divorce went very well for me and my children. Step-by-step, I was taken through obtaining a fair and favorable outcome to my case. I would highly recommend Mr. Barberi and his staff to anyone seeking competent legal counsel.”

Sandra P.

“I was referred to Mr. Barberi by a respected expert child psychologist. He told me my case would be very difficult and Mr. Barberi was one of the best family law trial attorneys he had ever met. When I first met Mr. Barberi, he told me that it would be a long journey, but my case could be won and he believed in my cause. My son had died in a car accident and the court had placed his three young boys in a guardianship to await their mother working out her drug addiction problems. The first attorney who represented me could not figure out what to do. When I contacted Mr. Barberi, not only did he know what needed to be done, but he had a plan to help my grandchildren be placed where they would have a chance to succeed. Today, thanks to Mr. Barberi and his wonderful staff, I have custody (not grandparenting time) of my grandchildren and they are all doing extremely well.”

Margaret Matts

“I feel Mr. Barberi is a very professional attorney. He was always on top of things. He always seemed to know things that were going to happen before they happened! Also, the staff at Mr. Barberi’s office was wonderful. They truly treated me like family. I felt like Mr. Barberi’s paralegal, Lori, was one of my best friends, and she always seemed to understand what I was going through. Trust was also a big thing for me. Whenever Mr. Barberi talked to me, I knew he was always being honest with me about everything. I never expected that the outcome of my case would be so good for me. Mr. Barberi got me a fantastic result and saved me from getting stuck with my husband’s large credit card debt.”

Rena Adams

Elder Law & Estate Planning Testimonials

“We have had Mark Pasquali take care of our Medicaid Planning for our father, and the fact that Mr. Pasquali has the knowledge and took care of everything in a timely manner, means a lot to us as a family. His concern for his clients is amazing. Thank you, Mark, for all the help.”

Gloria Pung
Mt. Pleasant, Michigan

“We have loved working with Mark Pasquali and Julie Rademacher and think that Mark is excellent at what he does, and we will use him again. It has been a pleasure working with both of them. In “my old age,” I’m hard pressed to name a lot of people with whom I have enjoyed working with more.”

Alma resident

“When my aunt needed nursing care, I turned to Joe Barberi’s law firm and Mark Pasquali to guide us through the Medicaid policy and qualification. I was very pleased with their results and would recommend them to anyone facing the high costs of nursing care for a loved one.”

Connie B.
Mt. Pleasant, Michigan