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We have a good problem at Barberi Law… and that is, we are getting a lot of family law cases. Combine that with our commitment to ensure that each client’s case receives the attention necessary to provide a great outcome and a positive client experience—this combination has caused us to make the decision to seek out additional qualified staff members to allow us to help our clients.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for a team member who will be able to show our clients that the attorney takes their case personally and will be willing to reassure clients of their personal commitment along the way. We want every client to leave our office saying, “Wow! I received wonderful service and the people at Barberi Law that helped me really cared. I’m glad I trusted the staff at Barberi Law with my legal matter. I’m happy to refer other people to Barberi Law.”

Perks & Benefits

Current Openings: 

Associate Attorney - Family Law

Associate Attorney - Family Law


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