“When I was injured in an automobile accident, everyone kept telling me I had a soft tissue injury and that the insurance company didn’t like compensating people who had only “soft tissue injuries.” Mr. Barberi worked with me and my treating physician to document for the jury the permanent nature of the damage to my cervical ligaments caused when my van was rear-ended by the negligent driver. There were many days when things seemed hopeless causing me to break down in tears throughout my recovery. However, Mr. Barberi was always there to comfort me and assure me that in the end, the jury would understand the true extent of my injuries and daily pain. When Mr. Barberi’s predictions rang true and the jury awarded me and my husband $700,000 for my injuries, I thanked God for sending me to Mr. Barberi for legal help."

Wanita and Darryl Trainor Mt. Pleasant, Michigan

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