“I was referred to Mr. Barberi by a respected expert child psychologist. He told me my case would be very difficult and Mr. Barberi was one of the best family law trial attorneys he had ever met. When I first met Mr. Barberi, he told me that it would be a long journey, but my case could be won and he believed in my cause. My son had died in a car accident and the court had placed his three young boys in a guardianship to await their mother working out her drug addiction problems. The first attorney who represented me could not figure out what to do. When I contacted Mr. Barberi, not only did he know what needed to be done, but he had a plan to help my grandchildren be placed where they would have a chance to succeed. Today, thanks to Mr. Barberi and his wonderful staff, I have custody (not grandparenting time) of my grandchildren and they are all doing extremely well.”

Margaret Matts

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