In my series of personal “to do list,” here is another thought to be shared with you. Each of us have a story that is unique and unequal to any other individual’s story throughout history. To your family, it’s a story that’s meant to be told, as well as lived. Your life story holds lessons learned, challenges met and glimpses in retrospect of how you became who you are today.

Your story will not include just successes. Your story will reference things that didn’t work out. No matter how many successes or failures, your story will hold a priceless treasure for your children, “power.”

As your children as well as other special friends will have an opportunity to read your story, reading your story has the power to change their lives, while as you tell it, it helps you better understand your own purpose here on Earth.

Your life story can be compiled in many different ways. You can write out, year by year, life-changing moments that occurred in your life. You can record your thoughts about your life journey, and reduce your thoughts to a printed state later. You can even do so on your drive to work.

What’s important, is to reflect on your accomplishments in life from two perspectives. One, how major moments in your life benefited you, either from a learning perspective or by allowing you to acquire things or develop a business, etc. And, secondly, how life’s struggles changed you as a human being, hopefully, for the better. Write about things that you learned from your own personal tribulations.

Consider how your attitudes have changed over the last 10, 20, 30 or even 40 years. Are there any significant outlooks in life that have been altered? Is there anything you’d like to record for others before your life’s journey ends?

As you put together your life story, be specific. Try not to rattle on, but focus on the most important lessons you have learned in life, and try to be helpful to others and point them in the direction you think might best serve them, based on what you’ve learned. Your life story can become a roadmap for others, helping them to avoid wrong turns, and end up at the right destination as they leave this world and enter their next journey, the most important one, after death.

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