Ways to Make Money Looking for some easy ways to make money in your spare time? Whether you have a full-time job, work part-time or are a stay-at-home parent, there are plenty of opportunities out there to earn extra cash whenever you have time for it. If you Google “easy ways to make money,” you’ll see plenty of things you could try.

Here are five ways to start earning some spending money on your own time:

  1. Sell your books – You’ve already read them once, will you really have time to read them again when you have so many others waiting for you? If you love books, and have many of them filling your shelves, think about selling them online. BookScouter allows you to enter book titles or barcodes from your home library, then the site searches a database to find you the best price for your book. Once you choose who to sell your book to, you fill out some information, put the book in a prepaid envelope and ship it off.
  2. Test websites – Want to make close to $30 an hour just for pointing out what works and doesn’t on the Internet? Many companies are looking for feedback on how their apps and websites work. Sign up for as many testing sites as you can, that way you can make the most of it. Most of them have a sample test to make sure you’ll do a good job for them. Pay close attention, and do well, so that you will get contacted for further opportunities. UserTesting is the most popular site, with most tests paying you $10 for 20 minutes of work.
  3. Be healthy – Do you already track your steps with a Fitbit, or similar device, or keep track of what you eat on a daily basis? Think about downloading the Achievement app to get paid for something you are already doing. You can earn points for a variety of activities, like taking health surveys, sleeping or logging your steps. Those points then convert to cash or gift cards.
  4. Become a virtual assistant – Maybe you would like to work for a small business, but from the comfort of your own home. You can check emails, make travel plans and do Internet research for someone else from your own couch. Check out Zirtual, and you could be making anywhere from $50 to $100 an hour.
  5. Take surveys – Share your opinions about products and services you use, and you could make an extra $250 a month. Most of the sites award you points for each activity you complete, then you can redeem them for gift cards. Some of the sites also offer other rewards for participating. Check out Survey Junkie and OneOpinion.

As you can see, there are some fun and easy ways you can make money to pay for the extra things you like to do. Good luck!

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