Motorcycle Accident in Michigan Michigan summers are our rewards for enduring cold, relentless winters. As soon as the weather turns, many Michigan motorcyclists bring out their bikes and take them for those long-awaited inaugural cruises. Finally, the freedom of the open road stretches before them!
But, as a motorcyclist, what happens when your relaxing ride goes awry and you’re involved in a motorcycle accident in Michigan?

According to, (Link: there are over 5 million registered vehicles in Michigan, and 266,000 of those are motorcycles. The stark reality is that those numbers add up to a lot of opportunities for motorcycle crashes. And in our area, with heavy traffic around the Soaring Eagle Casino and surrounding places, some of those motorcycle accidents may occur in Isabella County. Whatever the cause — speed, weather, a misstep by another driver — motorcycle accidents can be devastating, injuries can be serious and those who suffer an accident are left with many questions.

Of course, motorcycle safety is key to avoiding mishaps, but if you are involved in a motorcycle accident in Michigan, it’s imperative to work with a law team that can help answer your questions about insurance policies, accident investigations and compensation entitlement.

At Barberi Law, our highly experienced team of attorneys serving central Michigan will examine the facts of your motorcycle accident situation and help resolve your legal matter quickly and efficiently. If you have questions about motorcycle accidents in Isabella County or elsewhere in Michigan, please contact our team for a free booklet answering many motorcycle accident FAQs. Or, call to schedule a free consultation with one of our specialized Michigan motorcycle accident injury attorneys.

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