Whether an early retirement has left you wondering how to fill your days, or you’re just tired of doing the same old thing, I’m encountering people who just seem to have lost their zeal for life. How tragic! There are so many individuals that have survival issues confronting them as they deal with cancer and other life-threatening health issues that are fighting for every extra minute of life. It is disconcerting, to say the least, that individuals who have none of these health problems may be lacking a purpose in life, to the extent that they find themselves bored with their day-to-day lifestyle.

A recent Dear Abby letter from a man who claimed to have lost his spark provoked inspirational responses from readers. This article served as the motivation for some of my own thoughts.
To those who slumber, adrift in dissatisfaction with their status in life, I say this. Wake up! Look around! Every minute, every second of life is a blessing. Take time to count your blessings. It may seem like a trite phrase, but whether you have been blessed with a pain-free life at the moment, or even with some aches and pains due to age or medical issues, the ability to invest yourself to help others allows you the opportunity to find purpose.

As you look around, there are neglected children, as well as adults, that need care and companionship. Reach out to them. Visit an assisted living facility, and engage a senior in meaningful discussions. Seek out agencies that provide services to children and volunteer to help young boys and girls become all that they can, by providing a helping hand. Look into the eyes of a child you have made a difference in, and feel the warmth of their gratification.

Ask yourself what are the things that matter to you in life, and how you can bring about change. Consider helping abandoned or abused animals who will return your love 1,000-fold. There are so many that need so much, and as we approach the holiday season, recall the phrase, “it is better to give than receive.” As children, most of us did not buy into that phrase, preferring to be on the receiving end. But, as adults, we realize how beneficial to us, as individuals, it is when we spend our time giving to others. Bottom line, whether it’s volunteering at our local hospital, or caring for one’s next door neighbor, choose a way to give and in doing so your zeal for life will quickly return.

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