Just Do ItIt’s often said that age is just a number — perhaps helping you keep track of time. From a spiritual perspective, it may serve as a reminder that every day you’re one step closer to heaven. And, in such regard, it can also serve as a clue to make the most of every day that lies ahead.

My message to the reader is I find too many people doing things just because they think they should because of their age. I’m too old to go parasailing or horseback riding, etc. In spite of my brother Carl’s terminal illness, in the last year of his life, he and I, and two of our friends, all “youngsters” in our early 60’s, went ziplining while on a golf trip to Hilton Head (pictured on the right). We had a blast and made memories.

The phrase from the Nike ads seems appropriate, “Just Do It.” Or, as we used to say, just go for it. I say keep trying new things, and resist being dignified, or God forbid, elderly. Instead, trade in those phrases for still learning, experienced and still growing. And, if others want to refer to you, according to your age, remind them that wisdom and great memories can only begin through living long and well.

Sadly, one of the regrets that we all share by growing older is losing loved ones to death, or seeing those that you love begin to decline, either battling maladies, disease or experiencing cognitive decline. Those that continue to be healthy and strong must endure the emotional pain of losing relationships with those less fortunate, for one reason or another. All good reasons for always trying to make the most out of every day, and not missing out on opportunities to share meaningful experiences with those that you love.

In closing, refrain from declining to try new adventures or new activities only because someone tries to convince you that you need to “act your age.” Those who know me well, know how much I still enjoy all types of dancing at weddings and social gatherings, and sometimes even demonstrating that I will not “act my age.”

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