Defending youth against minor in possession, nuisance party charges

Some parents see underage drinking as a rite of passage, or as an inevitable occurrence among college and high school students; others see it, and the possibility of a minor in possession charge, as a serious problem with potentially serious consequences for their children’s future.

If your son or daughter was ticketed for underage drinking — “minor in possession” (MIP) can impact car insurance and certain career paths — or charged with a crime regarding participation in a “nuisance party,” you may need legal advice, you and your child may need strong legal representation. The attorneys at Barberi Law can provide the advice you need during this challenging time.

Experienced lawyers for disorderly conduct and alcohol-related offenses

The criminal justice system can be difficult to navigate by yourself. Two of the firm’s attorneys, Joseph T. Barberi and David R. Barberi, have detailed knowledge of Michigan criminal law and extensive experience in the local courts. They can represent you and address essential questions like:

  • What options are available to avoid a criminal conviction?
  • What exactly happens in Isabella County treatment and education programs?
  • Why does a student have to avoid any run-in with the law for three years after an MIP conviction?
  • What exactly can an attorney do for me?
  • What if an OWI charge is involved in the case?

Barberi Law provides a high level of service and personal attention in every MIP case we handle. We are available to handle your case.

Skilled counsel for young people and their families

If you are seeking a Mount Pleasant or Midland lawyer for minor in possession charges, contact us. We can help you explore your options for resolving the problem.