Estate Planning Steps to Take After You Start a FamilyBecoming a parent changes your priorities. As a new parent, you want to ensure that your child is taken care of, especially if something happens to you. Before becoming a parent, you probably never thought much about having a will or the need for life insurance. But these things are important in planning for the future and the well-being of your child. Think about your answers to the questions below. Then take the next step and schedule an appointment with your insurance agent to discuss life insurance and possibly short- and long-term disability insurance.


Here are some questions to consider after you become a parent:

•  Who would you want to make medical and financial decisions for you if you were no longer able to do so?

• Who would you want to take care of your child if both you and your child’s other parent were not able to care for your child due to disability or death? How do you want your assets disbursed after your death? Before your child is 18? After your child is 18? Do you want your child to receive his inheritance in steps? What do you want to happen with your house? What about your 401(k)? Your bank accounts?

• If you become disabled and can’t work, how will you pay your bills?

• Do you have life insurance? Through work? Through an insurance agent? Do you have enough life insurance? Should you have life insurance on your spouse? Your child?

Also, Contact Barberi Law to schedule an appointment with one of our Estate Planning Attorneys to help you set up an estate plan for your growing family.

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