On June 11, 2019, Governor Whitmer signed into law a new package of no-fault laws dramatically changing how Michigan consumers will purchase their auto insurance. On July 1, 2020, most of the new no-fault laws will become effective and the mechanics of these changes continue to be unknown. How will you select your PIP options? Who will make your choices for you, if you don’t make your own choices? 

I’ve asked local insurance agents these questions and I’ve got a lot of “not sures.” When it comes to reimbursement for medical-related expenses, what choices will you make? Will you select the $50,000 cap, the $250,000 cap, the $250,000 excluder cap, the $500,000 cap, or will you go with the unlimited lifetime option? Will you consider the managed care option? How about opting out of work loss benefits? Do you want an attendant care rider? What minimum amount of bodily injury coverage do you want? The $250,000/$500,000 option or the minimum $50,000/$100,000 option? Should I purchase an umbrella policy? What about underinsurance coverage? Do I want broad collision coverage or standard of limited coverage? Do I need limited property damage coverage for a mini tort claim? Should I opt-out of receiving reimbursement for medical-related expenses because I’m on Medicare? 

It’s because of Michigan’s new no-fault laws that Michigan consumers will have to make all of these decisions, most of which they have never had to make before, that I chose to write my book Buying Auto Insurance in Michigan. I’ve written this book to given consumers the information and knowledge they need to make the best choices to protect themselves and their family members when they purchase auto insurance. The fallout from being involved in a serious motor vehicle accident can be devastating. 

In my book I make many recommendations that are designed to help simplify the decision-making process when you have to purchase Michigan’s new no-fault auto insurance. I’m recommending that you meet with a local insurance agent to help you with your decisions. I also recommend that this year, more than ever, you not purchase auto insurance online. Again, it’s my recommendation that you go to a local insurance agent who will help walk you through all of the different options you have to make. 

I have done my best to use my 30 years of experience of helping injured individuals who have been involved in serious motor vehicle accidents when I recommend different options for the consumer. I caution readers that many of the “cost savings” only occur as a result of them giving up very important benefits and protections. 

In my book I do my best to explain why most of the cost savings will only result if you give up very important benefits. I’ve done my best to try and simplify the buying process by making specific recommendations at the end of my book. Earlier in the book I give the reader information to help the reader understand the various no-fault insurance terms. I also explain the inter-play between purchasing a higher amount of bodily injury coverage (should you injure somebody else) with protecting yourself with underinsurance coverage. 

And finally, in my book I explain why purchasing a large amount of underinsurance can be the most important decision that you make. My book also discusses the perils of going with the managed care option, where the insurance company selects your doctor, and to look out for certain insurance clauses that can produce terrible results for you or a family member who is injured when another family member was driving. 

My book should be coming out in about 30 days and will be available on a first come first serve basis. That said, it is my goal to order enough copies to take care of our friends of Barberi Law and those readers that live in the Mid-Michigan area.

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