In addition to a property settlement, the court can award alimony. Alimony, also called spousal support, is a specified amount of money paid from one party to the other during or after a divorce. There is no set equation for the determination of spousal support, so it is crucial that you have an experienced family law attorney fighting to ensure your rights are protected through all stages of litigation.

At Barberi Law, we have extensive experience guiding clients through even the most complex family law matters. Our attorneys have answered a wide range of client questions regarding divorce, including:

  • Is alimony permanent?
  • What are the tax implications of alimony payments?
  • Can the amount of spousal support be modified after the divorce judgment is final?

These and many more questions are answered in a free book provided by our law firm. The book, The Divorce Book: What Every Michigan Married Man or Woman Needs to Know…and 5 Things That Can Sink Your Divorce Case, has been specifically written to answer questions regarding your rights and the legal process. No matter your situation, we encourage you to contact our legal team at one of our offices. We will mail you a copy of Mr. Barberi’s book free of charge, and if you desire you can also schedule a consultation at one of our offices.

Learning More About Spousal Support

Two important questions about spousal support in Michigan include the following:

  • What is rehabilitative alimony?
    Rehabilitative alimony is designed to help the less financially independent party stabilize his or her finances. Often, this money is used for vocational training or the pursuit of an educational degree. This type of support is often referred to as “transitional,” as it is temporary in nature.
  • What factors lead to the determination of spousal support?
    The court will examine numerous factors, including the length of the marriage, the age of the parties, the earning potential of the parties, the needs of the parties, and the health of the parties. Contact our firm for a more exhaustive list (there are 14 factors) and a free copy of Mr. Barberi’s book discussing divorce and spousal support considerations.

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