At Barberi Law, we take an educational approach to the practice of law. We have placed many resources on our website that explain basic concepts of the law and provide practical tips about what to do if you have a legal problem.

In that vein, we present the following information about the mistakes that men often make before and after divorce:

Mistake #1: Not planning for divorce

Though it is not always possible, planning for divorce provides many benefits. It can serve to better protect your rights and interests, as well as save you time and money. It can lessen the disorder that accompanies the divorce process. You can also start making plans for life after divorce.

Mistake #2: Waiting too long to retain a lawyer

Your lawyer can take immediate action to further the legal process and protect your rights. Your lawyer can help you avoid making potentially costly mistakes involving the transfer of assets or your spouse running up debts. Barberi Law stands ready to advise and represent you.

Mistake #3: Moving out of your home before you divorce

Unless you are ordered to do so by the court, you may wish to consider remaining in your home during the divorce process. This can save you a considerable sum of money. However, if the possibility of violence exists (instigated by either you or your spouse), this does not apply. Get legal advice on this issue before you do anything.

Mistake #4: Making major investments or purchases just before you or your spouse files for divorce

If these investments or purchases are made with marital money, the transactions may have to be reversed upon your divorce, or other provisions made. Our law firm can advise you.

Mistake #5: Hiding marital assets

Chances are good that your wife’s attorney will learn of these. When this information is revealed in court, the judge could decide to punish you for your behavior in attempting to do so.

Mistake #6: Underestimating your wife

Women are often much better organized than men, and your wife may have already taken steps to put herself in a strong position going into the divorce. And remember, she will have an attorney who will protect her interests. You need an experienced attorney on your side, too.

Mistake #7: Posting personal information about yourself or your wife on social media

Things you say online, or in private communications, could be considered a form of marital misconduct and can come back to haunt you. Such statements are typically not hearsay and can be introduced into court or substantive evidence.

Mistake #8: Assuming that your ex-wife will automatically get physical custody of your children

Though physical custody with the mother is often thought to be the default position of family law courts in Michigan, it is not necessarily so. Children have the right to quality parenting time with their fathers, and alternative custody and visitation arrangements may be possible in your case.

Mistake #9: Speaking ill of your wife to your children

Badmouthing your wife can put you in a bad light, too. It can sour your relationship with your children and cause them needless emotional suffering. And, don’t assume that they will side with you. Always remember, your children typically love both parents equally.

Mistake #10: Not being the best dad you can be

This one probably deserves to be at the top of the list. Being a good dad means more than just being a good provider. Making quality time to spend with your child or children can provide priceless benefits for them and yourself, as well.

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