Carlo Barberi was a high school coach and administrator for many years, serving the Mount Pleasant High School community for 42 years before his retirement. Carlo died in 1990 and friends gathered to determine how they could best remember him and his legacy. During his lifetime, Carlo was known for being a great athlete. He attended Central Michigan Univer­sity on a full ride athletic scholarship. Before at­tending CMU, Carlo was the 1935 recipient of the Stanberry Cup in Highland Park where he graduated from high school. The Stanberry Cup was awarded to the graduating senior who best exemplified the traits of scholarship, good citi­zenship, and athleticism.

While Carlo received many awards in his day for his athletic skills, (he was drafted by the Detroit Tigers) he always mentioned that receiving the Stanberry Cup was his most memorable award since he was recognized for his scholastic achievements, and his good citizenship as well as being a good athlete.

During his tenure at Central Michigan Univer­sity, he received 11 varsity letters for Baseball, Football, Basketball and Track. This CMU re­cord will likely never be broken since it is rare nowadays for a collage athlete to even partic­ipate in two varsity sports, let alone four. After graduating from CMU, Dr. Barberi received his master’s degree from Michigan State University and his Doctoral Degree from the University of Michigan.

Accordingly, Carlo’s friends felt that the best way to remember Carlo’s legacy was by giving away a similar “Barberi Cup” each year to a senior boy or girl graduating from Sacred Heart Academy and Mount Pleasant High School who best exemplified the same three character traits: scholarship, good citizenship and athleticism.

Officials from each respective school select the winner each year who receive a replica of the Barberi Cup to place on their mantel at home together with a check toward tuition expenses at the university selected by each years’ recipients to attend.

2023 Carlo Barberi Cup WinnersBCS2022


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