Law to KidsIf you have a child who is curious about how our government works or has shown interest in what lawyers, judges, police officers, and politicians do, there are some great resources available to them that will allow your child to explore their curiosity and interests. Below are a few resources to share with your child:

  • Law For Kids- While most of the content on this website is based on Arizona Law, it is still a great comprehensive resource for kids to use and understand basic legal concepts.
  • iCivics- This website provides free downloadable curriculum for teachers and individuals to use to help teach children legal concepts and how our government works. There is also a game section where kids can play games such as Win the White House, Cast Your Vote, Race to Ratify and Newsfeed Defenders.
  • Welcome to Ben's Guide- Ben's Guide to the U.S. Government provides online learning adventures and games for children. It has different levels of adventures and games based on age ranges: 4-8 years, 9-13 years, and 14+. There are also downloadable and printable fun activites for children.
  • When You Grow Up to Vote: How Our Government Works for You by Eleanor Roosevelt, updated by Michelle Markel- This is a cute book that helps explain the role of government workers and private citizens. It also explains the election process in our country. This book shows how everyone plays a part in our political process and government.
  • Job Shadow- If your child is especially interested in a specific part of our government and the law, you can reach out to an office or specific person to ask if they have a job shadowing program for children. You can take a tour with your child of a specific agency or private office. Your child can learn about the day to day operations about how our government and legal processes work.
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