Preparing for divorce or legal separation

Divorce or separation can be emotional times filled with conflict and frustration. It is the goal of a skilled attorney to ensure that you are fully prepared for the legal process and you are comfortable with what you face. Do not hesitate to contact a skilled legal separation lawyer to receive a free family law book.

The attorneys at Barberi Law have more than 75 years of combined experience in a wide range of practice areas. We understand that our clients will have numerous questions regarding their situation and the legal process from mediation to litigation. We can provide a book written by Mr. Barberi filled with information, free of charge, to those looking for answers to questions, including:

  • What is the difference between divorce and legal separation?
  • I think my spouse is contemplating a divorce. What should I do to protect myself?
  • How can I prepare for a divorce after being married so long?
  • Are assets and debts divided equally or will I be at a disadvantage?

These and many more questions are answered in a free book provided by our law firm. The book, “The Divorce Book: What Every Michigan Married Man or Woman Needs to Know…and 5 Things That Can Sink Your Divorce Case,” has been specifically written to answer questions regarding your rights and the legal process. No matter your situation, we encourage you to contact our office. We will mail you a copy of Mr. Barberi’s book, free of charge, and you can schedule a consultation at our office if you feel that would be helpful.

Uncontested divorces and legal separations

  • Can I explore the option of an uncontested divorce?
    Certainly. An uncontested divorce means that there are no disputes between the spouses and everyone is in agreement about everything. It is wise to speak with an attorney, however, as some disputes become apparent later in the process. By reading through Mr. Barberi’s divorce book or having a consultation, you might get a clearer picture about whether you can obtain an uncontested or contested divorce.
  • Why do some people choose legal separation over divorce?
    There are several reasons that a couple might choose a legal separation over divorce. These reasons might include religious restrictions or medical insurance benefits. No matter what your situation, it is wise to research your available options before you make a decision.

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If you have questions regarding legal separation, we encourage you to contact Barberi Law. We will send you a free copy of Mr. Barberi’s book, which details several of the most common questions and concerns that other clients have had. If you would like to schedule a consultation to discuss your specific situation, call (989) 546-7124, or complete our online contact form.