Dedicated representation for all child custody issues

Due to the emotions involved and the desire of parents to do what is best for their children and remain involved in their lives, child custody can be one of the most contentious areas in any divorce. It is also a trigger point for high conflict between unmarried parents.

At the law firm of Barberi Law, we can help you resolve your child custody matters, including those involving parenting time and visitation, parental relocation and custody modification.

Our team understands how difficult family law cases can be and how important they are to mothers and fathers. We strive to address and resolve custody issues as efficiently and effectively as possible. Wherever possible, we seek negotiated outcomes that minimize the stress placed on parents and children, leaving them with an amicable arrangement as they move forward.

Joint legal custody

In the majority of child custody cases, the court is likely to award joint legal custody to both parents, leaving them to share responsibilities for major decisions about the child’s upbringing, including his or her education, health care and religion.

Determining physical custody

While the awarding of joint legal custody is straightforward and often predictable, determining who will have primary physical custody is often rife with conflict. The court’s decision on this question will be determined according to the Michigan Child Custody Act, which lays out the interest factors for determining what is in the child’s best interest.

Personal service for your custody matters

Seeking a child custody lawyer in central Michigan or a surrounding area? Contact us today to set up a consultation with an attorney from our firm. Our legal team will look carefully at your case, examining the unique facts of your situation and then apply Michigan’s statutory best interests factors. Laying this foundation will allow us to pursue the best possible outcome for you and your child(ren).