Navigating the financial aspects of divorce

Assigning a specific monetary value to a business can be a complicated undertaking, particularly when divorce-driven asset division is the backdrop. The valuation of a family business is a job for the experienced.

If your goal is to protect your financial interests and the stability of your family, talk to an attorney with extensive experience in the division of property. Get the advice you need to successfully navigate the financial aspects of the divorce process. Talk to us.

Business valuation

At Barberi Law, based in Mount Pleasant and Midland, Michigan, we have been helping our clients resolve challenging family law matters for decades. Our attorneys work with business owners, as well as the spouses and family members of business owners, in addressing the complexities that can accompany the division of assets in divorce:

  • Valuation of professional practices
  • The relational ties and tensions inherent in the culture of many closely held businesses
  • Careful evaluation of assets with subjective value
  • The possibility of hidden assets
  • The need for accountants and forensic experts

Every divorce situation is different. Our firm will treat your situation as a unique matter and give you the personal attention you deserve.

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The practice of family law involves finding solutions to some of life’s most difficult problems. The family business and divorce lawyers of Barberi Law can help you find the answers you need.